• Heloisa Amaral

    Heloisa is neoN’s piano player. She is particularly interested in trying out new concepts and sounds, working beyond the score, discussing ideas with composers and co-musicians and creating concert programs with high intensity. She is currently working on a Ph.D where she is researching new ways of thinking the classical concert format. Besides this she likes food, wine, excel sheets and playing the harpsicord.
  • Inga Grytås Byrkjeland

    Inga is a neoNs cellist. She has been working as principal cellist in several orchestras, plays regularly with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and is a member of Ensemble Temporum. Inga also loves climbing and playing the piano.
  • Karin Hellqvist

    Karin is neoN’s violinist. She is very interested in communication, sound and timbre developed and expanded in chamber ensembles over time, developing interdisciplinary concert concepts and presenting contemporary music to new audiences. She has a project called Impossible Situations togehter with neoN’s pianist Heloisa Amaral, in which they work closely with a group of composers, a sound director, architect and photographer to optimize, develop and research the process of making new, wonderful music. These days you might also find her in the streets of Stockholm, doing endless walks with a baby stroller, or at home baking, sewing or reading.
  • Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen

    Ane Marthe is the percussionist of Ensemble neoN. She is always interested in learning new skills, expanding her repertoire, and crossing boundaries within the music she is performing. Besides her work with neoN, Pinquins and others, she has recently turned herself into a one-woman-band, creating a singing alter ego-disco queen. When not on stage she is running, reading and writing.
  • Silje Aker Johnsen

    Silje is neoN’s singer, sometimes also playing megaphone or other props. She is particularly interested in improvisastion, extended vocal techniques and the classical voice. She is currently an artistic research fellow at the Norwegian Opera Academy, focusing on voice and movement, - and she is also a dancer! If she’s not on stage, on tour, or at her office at the Art Academy, she might be found in a dark tango bar somewhere, out walking in the forest, or at home with her nose in a book.
  • Yumi Murakami

    Yumi is Ensemble neoN’s flutist. She is also the guardian of our bank account, and our social media manager. She loves the musical and social interactions with the other players in neoN, and working with neoN always makes her very inspired. She also plays in various other ensembles and is working on expanding her solo repertoire. When not playing the flute you might find her in the audience of a concert, at a fancy restaurant or at her laptop answering emails at the speed of light.
  • Solmund Nystabakk

    Solmund plays the guitar and the theorbo in Ensemble neoN. He has specialised in both modern and early music, but remains reluctant to commit himself to a single genre. His main focus lies rather in the possibilities that music gives for enhanced and immediate communication with other people, both fellow musicians and the audience. Solmund lives in Tromsø and is a fellow of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. When he’s not working, you’ll find him on his skis up in the mountains somewhere.
  • Julian Skar

    Julian is one of Ensemble neoN’s composers, and co-founder of the group. He is mainly interested in music theatre and electronical music, and is currently working on projects involvings opera and dance. As a person Julian is very open minded and liberal, and when he’s not working you might find him in downward dog on his yoga mat, or hanging out with his family.
  • Jan Martin Smørdal

    Jan Martin is a composer, sometimes musician, and a co-founder of Ensemble neoN. As composer - and as father of twins - he's occupied with thoughts about chaos, layers of rhythms, and the inevitability of humans as social beings.
  • Ida Kristine Zimmermann Olsen

    Ida is the saxophone player in Ensemble neoN. She likes to explore the tonal qualities of the saxophone in combination with other instruments, working with timbre and different sound qualities. Besides neoN she also plays in a saxophone quartet called NoXaS, who does a lot of collaborations with other instruments. Ida has two sons that she spends a lot of time with. You might also find her reading or knitting.
  • Kristine Tjøgersen

    Kristine is the clarinetist and one of the composers in Ensemble neoN. She loves the interplay between the musicians in chamber music, and also plays in ensemble asamisimasa and Tøyen Fil og Klafferi. Her works occupy a middle ground between visual art and music, where image and sound are closely connected. She often finds her inspiration in small events that she finds poetic and builds structures with them. Kristine loves birds.