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21. mars 2019, Experimental Media New York

Concert and record release at Phill Nobiock's loft. Pieces by Phill Niblock and Catherine Lamb.

19. mars 2019, Scandinava House, New York, 8.30 p.m.

Concert with Ensemble neoN - pieces by Kristine Tjøgersen, Jan Martin Smørdal, Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen and Marina Rosenfeldt.

18. mars 2019, Kulturhuset (Oslo) kl. 19.00

Releaseparty for Martin Rane Bauck's new record "Through a network of illuminated streets", released by the Norwegian label LAWO. Ensemble neoN contributes by playing three of the pieces on this record. 

Periferien -  January 23rd 2019

Concert in Oslo at Caféteateret. Premiere of Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen's new piece "Lyden av noe som allerede har forsvunnet 3", and pieces by Joanna Bailie and Marina Rosenfeldt.

10. november 2018

Parallax + neoN m/ Evelina Dembacke


Arena, Moss kirke- og kultursenter kl. 20.00

Konsert og plateinnspilling

19. September 2018:

Kim Myhr / Parallax+neoN
Nasjonal jazzscene
Kl. 21.00

Kim Myhr: You | Me (WP)

Parallax+neoN: Flimmer (WP)

15. & 16. September 2018: 

Ensemble neoN & Jan St. Werner
feat. Dynamische Akustische Forschung
Periodic Composite Waveform Environment (WP)
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
Lørdag 15/9, fra 11 – 17 (konsertstart TBA)

Norsk Komponistforening 100 år - December  21, 2017

As a part of the celebration of the Norwegian Composers Sosiety's 100th Aniversary, Ensemble neoN will perform a whole program consisting of only Norwegian music writter for them in the past few years. The program will include premiers of pieces by Lars Skoglund and Jon Øyvind Ness. 

Chamber concert - neoN Portraits - November 7, 2017

neoN is collaborating with composer Martin Bauck on an album recording and chamber concert. The ensemble will perform and record three pieces by Bauck. One of the pieces is a comission by neoN´s cellist Inga Byrkjeland. neoN will perform the pieces by Bauck and pair them with a world premiere of a comission piece by singer-songwriter and visual artist Ingvild Langård. The concert will take place in Oslo November 7. 

Periferien - 31 May 2017

As part of the concert series "Periferien" at Sentralen in Oslo, Ensemble neoN performed pieces by Therese B. Ulvo, Julian Skar, Oren Ambarchi, Malin Bång, Lisa Streich, Jan Martin Smørdal and Hannes Kerchbaumer. The concert took place in Forstanderskapssalen at 19.00h.

Ensemble neoN at Ny Musikk - Stavanger 8 March 2017

The ensemble collaborated with Ny Musikk in Stavanger on a concert where we performed the whole repertoire from our album "neoN". The concert was held in Stavanger Konserthus.

neoN Notebook - December 2016 to March 2017

- Holt Ungdomsskole, Kongssvinger 6 and 7 December 2016

- Kvikne Skole 15 and 16 February 2017

- Børstad Ungdomsskole Hamar 22 and 23 March 2017

A collaboration with Den Kulturelle Skolesekken and composer Eivind Buene. The ensemble worked together with teachers and pupils on a seven movements long piece. neoN toured different schools in Norway with this project.

CD Launch - "NeoN" 7 October 2016

We celebrated the release of our debut album "neoN" in Vinterhagen at Sentralen in Oslo. The happening was a mix between listening to a couple of pieces from the record, and some ensemble members performing pieces by Julian Skar and Jan Martin Smørdal.

Ultima 2016: Riot by Ignas Krunglevicius - 15 September 2016

Enesmble neoN premiered Ignas Krunglevicius's new piece "Riot" in Hvelvet at Sentralen in Oslo. The piece was performed inside a big plastic bubble, and was part of an art installation that lasted for several days.

Only Connect 2016: Tectonics 22 May 2016

Ensemble neoN og Stine Janvin Motland urfremførte Parallaxis Forma av Catherine Lamb og spilte i tillegg verk av våre egne Kristine Tjøgersen og Jan Martin Smørdal

Concerts at the MATA festival, New York 11th, 12th and 16th of April 2016

Ensemble neoN made its American debut in three concerts at the MATA festival 2016. New York Times wrote: " impressive group from Norway.." The MATA Festival Web Site

Profile Concert Yumi Murakami, January 24 2016

24. January 2016 - Ensemble neoN performs at Kunstindustrimuseet in Oslo a concert curated by the ensemble's flute player Yumi Murakami.

Concert at Henie Onstad Art Centre, Oslo, December 13th 2015

In this concert we presented the music that we recorded in Rainbow Studios the following week: Works by Jørgen Munkeby, Oren Ambarchi & James Rushford, Alvin Lucier, Kristine Tjøgersen, Julian Skar and Jan Martin Smørdal.

Darmstadt Ferienkurse and Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2014

Ensemble neoN permiered a new piece by the German composer Johannes Kreidler, Audioguide, in Darmstadt August 4 2014, the piece was also be performed at the Oslo Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2014.

Molde Jazz Festival 2014

Concert at Molde Jazz Festival July 16 2014. Susanna & Ensemble neoN

Weimarer Frühjahrstage für Zeitgenossisches Musik 2014

Concert on April 26 2014. Pieces by Jan Martin Smørdal, Erik Dæhlin, Peter Helmut Lang (WP), Alexander Strauch (WP) and Helmut D. Zapf (WP). 

The International Image Festival 2014 - Colombia

neoN Trio with Yumi Murakami, Karin Hellqvist and Heloisa Amaral was invited to premeier a piece by Ricardo Tovar at the International Image Festival 2014. The festival took place in Manizales in Colombia. The trio also premiered a new piece by Norwegian Composer Erik Daehlin amongst other pieces.

klub katarakt 2014

klub katarakt – Festival for experimental music in Hamburg January 15-17 2014. Together with Trio Scordatura, Guy de Bièvre and Nelly Boyd we premiered a new piece by Phill Niblock at Kampnagel in Hamburg January 15. neoN did a second concert with Norwegian program January 17. Pieces for cello, piano, clarinet and flute by Jan Martin Smørdal, Julian Skar, Ignas Krunglevicius and Christian Wallumrød. For more information about the festival:

Ensemble neoN and Susanna

Album release concert at Victoria National Jazz Scene October 18. Collaboration between Susanna and Ensemble neoN. Released on SusannaSonata. The album is called 'The Forester' and was be released on CD, vinyl and digitally September 17 in US, September 20 in Norway, September 23 in UK.

neoN Trio on Icelandic tour

18th september 17:00 - Nordic House, Reykjavik

19th september 20:00 - Hamrar, Ísafirði, in collaboration with the Ísafjörður Music School.

20th september 18:00 - Hof, Akureyri in collaboration with the Akureyri Music School.

21st september 20:00 - Kolsstaðir, Hvítársíðu

Oslo Ultima Contemporary Music Festival

Ensemble neoN performed "Two Circles" by American composer Alvin Lucier at Fagerborg kirke September 11. Silje Aker Johnsen represented Ensemble neoN at the Henie Onstad Art Centre September 8. She performed "Wave Songs" for soprano and electronics by Alvin Lucier.

Young Nordic Music - Oslo 2013

Ensemble neoN participated at the Young Nordic Music Festival in Oslo August 22 at Riksscenen with chamber music pieces by Hardarson, Viuff, Eizirik, Smarason, Zinovjev and Masson.

Chamber music concert

Members of Ensemble neoN performed chamber music and solo pieces by Nordic composers at Biermannsgården June 6 at 20.00. Music by Bång, Thorsen, Birkelund Ulvo ++

The Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2012: To Two Tea Roses - Phill Niblock

Ensemble neoN premiered "To Two Tea Roses" by the American composer Phill Niblock at The Henie Onstad Art Centre September 9 2012.

Ensemble neoN at Dramatikkens Hus : The festival "LydiTekst"

Ensemble neoN premiered a new piece by Erik Dæhlin June 1 2012 at Dramatikkens Hus. It was a contribution to the first concert in the festival "LydiTekst". Go to for more information about the festival.

Opera workshop: "Music - Text - Movement"

Ensemble neoN initiated an annual workshop where text writers and composers collaborated with the ensemble to make music theater. The composers and text writers in 2012 were: Jan Martin Smørdal, Julian Skar, Ignas Krunglevicius, Jenny Hval, Maria Tryti Vennerød, Claus Arthur Guldbrandsen and Astrid Marie Huvestad. The workshop received funding from Norsk Komponistforening. Smørdal/Hval/Huvestad´s project was financed by the Norwegian Art Council. The result of the workshop was performed at Riksscenen April 24 2012.

Ensemble neoN and Susanna Wallumrød

Ensemble neoN and Susanna Wallumrød recorded an album together in Rainbow Studio in Oslo February 2012. The album will be released in 2013.

The Grønland Chamber Music Festival 2011 "My Red Red Blood"

The organisation New Music in Oslo commissioned a piece on behalf of Ensemble neoN by the American composer Marina Rosenfeldt. The piece, "My Red Red Blood" for ensemble, electronics and video, was premiered June 4 2011 at the Grønland Chamber Music Festival. Marina Rosenfeldt works with music in the borderline between installation art, electronics and traditional compositions. For more information about Marina Rosenfeldt, go to The concert was held at Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo.

The Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2011

The Henie Onstad Art Centre and The Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2011 commissioned a piece on behalf of Ensemble neoN by the Australian musician and composer Oren Ambarchi. Ensemble neoN premiered the piece "Wreckage" for ensemble and electronics together with the composer at The Henie Onstad Art Centre September 11 2011.

Sciarrino - "Quaderno di Strada"

Ensemble neoN performed Salvatore Sciarrino´s "Quaderno di Strada" May 2011 with soloist Halvor Festervol Melien. The piece was performed at Bergen Cathedral May 6 and at The Norwegian Academy of Music May 8 2011.

Ensemble neoN with guests - Podium

Pieces by Jan Martin Smørdal, Julian Skar, Jørgen Karlstrøm and Ignas Krunglevicius. Musicians: Rolf Erik Nystrøm (sax), Kjell Tore Innervik (percussion), Wendy Greenberg (percussion), Kristine Tjøgersen (clarinet), Rolf Borch (clarinet), Inga Byrkjeland (cello).

The concert was initiated by the composers in collaboration with Ensemble neoN, Podium, Rekord and received fundings from The Norwegian Art Council.

The Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2009

Ensemble neoN performed four new pieces by the young Norwegian composers Erik Dæhlin, Jørgen Karlstrøm, Julian Skar and Jan Martin Smørdal at Gamle Logen in Oslo.The pieces were the results of a workshop in collaboration with New Music and the Ultima Festival.

The Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2009 - Silje Aker Johnsen

The Soprano Silje Marie Aker Johnsen performed solo pieces for voice at The House of Literature in Oslo with pianist Kenneth Karlsson and musicians from Ensemble neoN. She premiered "Drownword" by Simon Steen-Andersen.

Susanna Wallumrød and Ensemble neoN

The autumn 2009 Ensemble neoN started a collaboration with Susanna Wallumrød. Susanna Wallumrød is best known from the critical acclaimed duo "Susanna and the Magical Orchestra". Susanna Wallumrød´s music was arranged for Ensemble neoN by Jan Martin Smørdal and Julian Skar. The music was performed several times in 2010; The Concert House in Oslo in January, Fabrikken in Oslo in February and at Cafeteatret during the Oslo Chamber Music Festival in August.

Vinterlydfestivalen 2008

Ensemble neoN performed a new version of Karlheinz Stockhausen´s Tierkreis, arranged by Julian Skar and Jan Martin Smørdal at Vinterlydfestivalen 2008. They arranged the piece for for 6 musicians; flute, clarinet, saxofon, cello, percussion and soprano voice. The piece was written in 1975 and has 12 movements, one for each of the 12 star signs.