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    Chamber concert - neoN Portraits - November 7, 2017

    neoN is collaborating with composer Martin Bauck on an album recording and chamber concert. The ensemble will perform and record three pieces by Bauck. One of the pieces is a comission by neoN´s cellist Inga Byrkjeland. neoN will perform the pieces by Bauck and pair them with a world premiere of a comission piece by singer-songwriter and visual artist Ingvild Langård. The concert will take place in Oslo November 7. 

    Norsk Komponistforening 100 år - December  21, 2017

    As a part of the celebration of the Norwegian Composers Sosiety's 100th Aniversary, Ensemble neoN will perform a whole program consisting of only Norwegian music writter for them in the past few years. The program will include premiers of pieces by Lars Skoglund and Jon Øyvind Ness.